Archer 5.11 Review: “Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue: Part II”

And there you have it. The two-parter of Archer Vice ends up departing from the typical Archer multi-episode arc just enough to fit comfortably within both versions of the series. Coming from the series pedigree, “Palace Intrigue” gets the layout of both episodes right, telling a story that’s set entirely in one location. Calderon’s mansion isn’t as intriguing–to borrow the episode’s title–as places like Sealab, outer space or a pirate island, but it does just fine within the frame of Archer Vice, which has revolved almost entirely around the crew’s unsuccessful drug trade. How it deviates, though, is by its lack of resolution, since we’ll almost certainly be picking up right where (geographically and in the timeline) we leave off in “Part II.” Obviously, Archer Vice appears to be a thirteen-parter for the series, but “Palace Intrigue” is easily the most focused story that’s been told this season and manages to use its ensemble to full effect.



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