Being Human 4.13 Review: “There Goes The Neighborhood Part III”

Saying goodbye isn’t easy, especially on Being Human. “There Goes The Neighborhood Part III” was hell bent on making that clear.

I’ve grappled with how to write this final review for a show that I’ve been with for four years, a show that’s truly been very close to my heart. We watch television for different reasons but mainly to escape… and connect. We see ourselves in these characters. They say things we cannot, sometimes do the things we have. The connection is perhaps not always literal or direct, but through them we live, grow and learn.

Being Human came into my life at a weird time. I was just beginning to experience my adulthood and independence. To be in reach of my aspirations. But after a sudden turn of events and a psychological diagnosis I felt like I had lost it all. As if I had literally been split in two. There was the person that I knew and was. Then there was the person that I had become. I feared this new person and as a result (I thought I) couldn’t control them. The prognosis left me with the reality that everyday for the rest of my life I was going to have to fight to not be this version of myself.



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