Scandal Recap: Shut It Down


We’re only two episodes away from the finale, so this was one of those fast-paced weeks that will undoubtedly set up the explosive season-ender. Literally.


Liv has had it with Fitz treating her like an old mattress, so Abby is acting as her proxy at the White House this week. It’s not really going so well — Andrew is still at the center of a messy love triangle (quadrangle?), so he, Fitz, and Mellie sit around the table in silence and stare at their shoes, giving off major parents-about-to-get-divorced vibes. Both Reston and Langston are up in the polls thanks to their ability to be favorable to women, or at least more so than the philandering, dick-swinging incumbent. Fitz spilled a little of his baby food when he pounded on the table and shouted, “Where’s Olivia?” but someone came to burp him and put him down for his nap shortly after he stormed out.  Read More...


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