A destructive death for Darryl, a turn of the screw for Wendy, freedom for Ava, and the release from Season 5.

"Retaliation" was a limp to the finish line and it didn't quite do enough justice to lift Season 5 out of its own mire, even with a very good penultimate episode. That's not to say it was bad - it was actually a very good episode. It just wasn't as cataclysmic or dynamic an ending as we've seen in previous seasons. The slow burn didn't burn off into something. It burned out.

That was with due purpose, though, as the ending had to focus on two things: Darryl Crowe (Michael Rapaport) finally put down and pointing to the end of the series with Boyd. In making both the focus, neither was central to the Season 5 ending.




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