Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “A Good Run of Bad Luck”

The problem with shows like Hart of Dixie, which rely so heavily on the investment of the audience in love stories and pairings, is that it never takes long for those initial partnerships to get stale. Love triangles help to lengthen the shelf-life of certain couples, as with Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hillbut, as we all know, the love triangle on this show didn’t work. Zeorge has its fans, of course, but the accidental magic of Zoe and Wade soon took over, becoming all that really mattered.

Now, with the show most likely heading towards its series finale, it’s time for Hart of Dixie to set up its endgame couples and, with Joel gone and trouble with Wade and Vivian’s relationship brewing, there are only a few more loose threads to tie up. By the season’s end, AnnaBeth, Lemon, George and Lavon need to be paired up with someone, and this episode, ‘A Good Run of Bad Luck’, made a pretty compelling case for the original couple, George and Lemon, to rekindle their 15-year (!) relationship in time for happily ever after.


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