Episode Six, "Serving Two Masters"

On this week's Private Practice, Addison dives in headfirst to her trust issues stemming from her marriage with Derek. Just as the good doctor is settling into a fun and easygoing relationship with her cute SWAT guy, he goes and says something that brings everything to an awkward halt. And while Naomi thinks Addison's hang-ups are clear as day to anyone with eyes, it takes a sweet elderly couple to reveal to her and Sam how to move on from the shambles of their marriage. There's all kinds of psychodrama going around once again, so let's not waste time - just read more.

So right off the bat, SWAT guy interrupts sexy time with Addison to whisper that he loves her, which is a lot for Addison to handle. Thankfully she and Naomi are pretty much back to confiding in each other, so Addison has someone besides Pete (who makes a crappy girlfriend anyway) to chat with about guys. Naomi informs her that she can't say "I love you" back to him because she has trust issues ("You cheated on Derek, Derek cheated on you - how can you not?"). The best part of the opening for me, though, was all the guys at the bar trying to pick up ladies. Poor Pete's game is seriously hindered by Cooper and Sam. The three of them spot a cute blonde who turns out to be Charlotte, and this is the moment Cooper decides to go public with her (he later tells Violet he'd had a lot to drink by then).

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