The Good Wife Season 5 Review “A Material World”

The network television drama has been taking a lot of hits recently. The golden age has definitely passed, and now the network dial is seen as a place full of clunky, but safe, procedural television. People turn their noses up at anyone who dares to argue about the merits of network drama. Despite having the best ratings of any network, CBS draws the biggest scoffs from people who like their television on the margins. Those people argue against CBS’s television hegemony by claiming all they do is produce simple, boilerplate procedurals. While that assertion isn’t entirely unfair, to lump all of CBS’s television offerings together is categorically unfair. Though many of the standard procedurals have different twists and bents, to deride the possibility of the network procedural is to simply ignore the incredible work done by The Good Wife over the past few episodes.



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