The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: A Mother's Love


We’re one episode away from the season finale, so last night was a good time to rehash old fights and bring on fresh pain.

Porsha is definitely going to mess up this play, right? Her voice isn’t too terrible — she sang that “Perfectly Worthless” song without an iota of irony, even though the title does more to describe her presence on this earth than it does her former marriage — but her ego will bring the entire operation to a crashing halt eventually. She doesn’t come to rehearsals even though five weeks in, she still doesn’t know her character’s name, and seems far more concerned with seeing her name in lights than actually learning her lines. What Porsha lacks in professionalism, she makes up in hubris, so it was nice to watch Kandi hand Porsha her own ass when she insisted she was missing rehearsals because Kandi’s team wasn’t communicating, when in fact her own “team” (her sister Lauren) failed to read the email properly. Oh, Porsha, do go on about how much other people suck — I love watching people prove you wrong with logic and facts!  Read More...


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