Justified Season 5 Finale Recap: Feral Pig

The fifth season of Justified is the first one that I'd rather hadn't happened. So many missed opportunities, so many dead ends, so many false starts; and now, an unsatisfying ending. Or I should say, an ending that feels as though it should've been a beginning. Season six, unsurprisingly and inevitably, will come down to Raylan Givens versus Boyd Crowder. I like the final scene of Raylan on the bridge with the newly sprung Ava — who might've ended up dying in prison one way or another had Raylan not intervened; it had a fine, ominous feel. But did we really need 13 episodes to bring us to that point?


All right, first the summary: Daryl Crowe's dead, at long last. He was killed by his sister Wendy, who been pressured into wearing a wire by Raylan. The purpose was to clear the name of her son Kendal, Daryl’s patsy in the shooting of Raylan's boss Art, but their conversation spiraled into a tearful referendum on Daryl and Wendy's relationship, particularly the way Daryl had become a self-serving and inept leader of the clan after their father's death.  Read More...



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