I'm actively deleting any website that that has zango, no one wants your malware.

It's that simple. A website asks you to install malware, i delete you.

could make it easier on me and stop posting the spam links.


| 09:32 EDT, 04 Jun, 2008
thanks, now i cant watch married with children. the zango there did let you cancel and still watch the vids(Y)*sarcasm*
| 06:25 EDT, 04 Jun, 2008
""thank for deleting, and i had 2 laugh at the guy above who praises zango, and slags off ppl with out vast know how of computers, trying to make himself feel gud, but if he had as gr8 a know how as he trys to make us believe he'd no there is ways around zango and still view/use its content,"" yes its called pressing the cancel button .... thats kind of what that buttons there for!
| 00:02 EDT, 04 Jun, 2008
I'm with you on deleting both the zango and the vids.tv links. I don't consider sites which pretend to be free, like vids.tv, but only link to pay-to-view site reputable. And I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm online to find *free* places to watch movies.BTW, if you use Mozilla Firefox, you can download an Add-on called "Adblock" which will let you block ads, and scripts, as you choose. It's great because I don't want to disable all scripting on all sites, just a few, like Zango, on a few sites. Plus, most media plays better in Firefox. *smiles*
| 20:50 EDT, 03 Jun, 2008
thank for deleting, and i had 2 laugh at the guy above who praises zango, and slags off ppl with out vast know how of computers, trying to make himself feel gud, but if he had as gr8 a know how as he trys to make us believe he'd no there is ways around zango and still view/use its content, any way tnx 2 de admin 4 deleting it does make life much btr n easier
| 16:27 EDT, 03 Jun, 2008
just click "cancel" and then you can continue watching the movie. simple.
| 06:13 EDT, 03 Jun, 2008
If a link is faulty, there's nothing stopping you from reporting it. There's also plenty of free virus/malware/etc protection on the internet for people willing to seek it out. Having said that, I'm glad there won't be annoying spam in future. tl;dr version: Zango is shit. Nice work admins. xoxo
| 21:42 EDT, 02 Jun, 2008
dang skippy! I love ya too!
| 19:14 EDT, 02 Jun, 2008
I love you.<3333324
| 16:55 EDT, 02 Jun, 2008
Please make sure to read over SideReel's Spam FAQ on both the Spam page or in the forum to clarify what's spam, and what zango should be removed and what should not, as there is indeed "good" zango which is allowed because it lets users click "cancel" without downloading to get right on to the content. Also, don't forget to report any spam you see to spamsucks@sidereel.com. Thanks!
| 15:05 EDT, 02 Jun, 2008
I HATE ZANGO!!! it doesnt let me watch anything!!!!
| 15:03 EDT, 02 Jun, 2008
Thank you...I woll be doing the same i hate the spam websites!
| 13:59 EDT, 02 Jun, 2008
A word from the admins on Spam prevention in general... Spam prevention is in the works and our next release should provide some welcome relief. Check out the "Spam" page ( for more info... Make sure to let us know if you see egregious spam on the site (email us at spamsucks (at) sidereel.com). Thanks for your incredible patience as we wage this battle. B
| 12:12 EDT, 02 Jun, 2008
Is the admin blowing smoke up our asses or does s/he sincerely want to remove the zango links? Because deletin them manually will take 'em a loong time, especially as they are added daily (?) Why dont s/he add a function that allows us users to report a zango link like we can with dead links and have deleted much faster and more efficient. That to me shows real motivation to delete those pesky Zango links. Dont mean to offend but thats my p.o.v.
| 06:21 EDT, 02 Jun, 2008
man, just click the no/cancel button. Had to pay to remove Zango????My word some people shouldnt be allowed computers. Go to uninstall programs - choose Zango and then uninstall it!! I use to install it when i wanted to not be bugged by it then just uninstall it when i had finished surfing. I actually prefer zango to the pop ups/unders that crash my browser all the time. It makes me laugh you all blaming Zango for your lack of computer knowledge and unsafe computers. Remember you all want something for free by coming here. It takes time and effort to provide you people with the resources you get here. I bet none of you have EVER use a paypal contribute button or anything simular so webmasters have to find other ways.
| 03:16 EDT, 02 Jun, 2008
You people who install zango are ignorant, and the ones of you defending it are retarded. Zango installs a backdoor trojan that allows tons of other malicious programs download themselves onto your computer.
| 00:50 EDT, 02 Jun, 2008
I don't blame you one bit! They're taking over everything and it's bullcrap. When i was new to these sites, I downloaded it and it fugged my computer up so bad. I had over 600 viruses on it..and eventually took over some of my system 32 files with trojans. I HATE YOU ZANGO, I HOPE YOU DIE!!!!!
| 15:38 EDT, 01 Jun, 2008
to right it gave my computer a virus we should all follow, also don't try the firefox off this website. Get it of a website you trust like google or msn beacuse then your proteted from vriuses by them.
| 15:27 EDT, 01 Jun, 2008
what pisses me off is that i've removed so many fake links leading to a site that gives the webmaster money per click from google and foxfire. even though i USED FF the website said i wasent which means ppl are putting up fake links here just to get cash for doing nothing.for the incredible hulk section i removed 15 fake "full movie" links which all lead to the same website.some of the links even lead to paysites which needed your pay info JUST to get on the website. it seems there are many ppl here that just abuse the weblinks to make a fastbuck or to advertise there site
| 14:16 EDT, 01 Jun, 2008
well done zango is rubbish
| 12:25 EDT, 01 Jun, 2008
I manage to always not install that sh*t. just click no. and if it wont let me watch it anyways then i just look for a diffrent link. but there's no way in hell Im gonna install that Zango crap :)
| 10:00 EDT, 01 Jun, 2008
Check out the 4 links for "Recount". They're shareware too and have vaguely porn images on the sight - usually bums and boobs - so no way am I going to go into them. Can someone get rid of them and post some valid links?
| 07:34 EDT, 01 Jun, 2008
All ietv.co.uk links are zango delete them or leave them!!!!!My friend had to pay 52 euros(about 80 US dollers) to repair his computer from the damage zango had caused!
| 02:51 EDT, 01 Jun, 2008
Agreed. zango has nothing to do with 1. Streaming of the video2. Quality of the video3. Additional software to view the video It's merely a source of income for the webmaster for each download. It has a higher payout rate if someone download the toolbar. Every downloads are equivalent to money. So if you see that "Zango download is required for streaming of videos" I say "It's BULL****!" In my humble opinion, there's no such thing as good or bad zango. As long it associated with spyware/adware/virus, it's NOT good.
| 22:04 EDT, 31 May, 2008
It's really not fair to delete something that someone else may want. Just because you don't want it doesn't mean others don't. The site wouldn't have survived so long if no one ever went there or joined. Granted I'm with you! I don't need it. But we're not the only ones on the net honey.
| 17:30 EDT, 31 May, 2008
Just wanted to let everybody who's downloaded Zango, as far as I've gathered, what the program does it logs in any key words you do on the internet and sends the info back to the company. From there they give you sudgestions on similar sites. I haven't installed it so I'm not sure exactly how it works. It is used as a marketing tool to find out what sights people are going to and to advertise for sponsors (don't we have programs to prevent this from happening called pop-up blockers?). So that means that if you log into... oh, I don't know.... your bank accounts or any social network (Myspace, Facebook) it will send the info back. All relatively harmless. However if the program is running at all times, then just think of all the info they can gather when you are not on the net. It's not that hard for the company to add a keylogger, which means that any keystroke is saved. Passwords, account numbers or even a simple IM can be in the registry. I'm not saying it does but if I worked for Zango that's probably something I might do (if I was evil). If anybody has installed it on their computer I highly sudgest you erase it. Zango HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH VIDEO STREAMING. If the site does not allow you to view a video unless you download this program then don't bother. I've found 4 sites similar to Sidereel (though they don't have the standards Sidereel has) which have Zango and if you press "cancel" it still shows the video.Not all Zango sponsored sites can be viewed without Zango.
| 15:20 EDT, 31 May, 2008
That would be much appreciated :) However, only delete the ones that don't work at all...some work after you click "Cancel".
| 15:03 EDT, 31 May, 2008
Some of the the zango site links work though after you hit cancel on the zango install.
| 14:51 EDT, 31 May, 2008
11.2. Limitation of Damages. NEITHER ZANGO NOR ANY OF ITS LICENSORS OR SUPPLIERS WILL HAVE ANY, AND YOU RELEASE ZANGO AND ALL OF ITS LICENSORS AND SUPPLIERS FROM ANY, LIABILITY (WHETHER IN CONTRACT, WARRANTY, TORT, NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) FOR ANY DAMAGES SUSTAINED BY YOU ARISING FROM THE USE OR INABILITY TO USE THE ZANGO SOFTWARE OR THE OTHER SOFTWARE, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR LOSS OF DATA, SAVINGS, OR PROFITS OR THE COST OF PROCURING SUBSTITUTE GOODS, EVEN IF ZANGO OR ANY OF ITS LICENSORS OR SUPPLIERS HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. IN NO EVENT WILL ZANGO'S OR ANY OF ITS LICENSORS’ OR SUPPLIERS’ ENTIRE LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT EXCEED FIVE HUNDRED UNITED STATES DOLLARS ($500.00US). THE LIMITATIONS IN THIS SECTION WILL APPLY NOTWITHSTANDING THE FAILURE OF ESSENTIAL PURPOSE OF ANY LIMITED REMEDY UNDER THIS AGREEMENT. The terms and condition of Zango they can f**K up your comp and not have any repocussions 15. Indemnification. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Zango, its licensors and suppliers, and each of their respective officers, directors and employees, from and against any lawsuits, claims, losses, damages, fines and expenses (including attorneys' fees and costs) arising out of your use of the Zango Software or your breach of this Agreement. also you can't sue if you are stupid enough to download it, you need to read the Terms and Conditions before downloading something from a company you don't know. People computers wouldn't get ruined if they looked at what they were signing on for. But I learnt the hard way to do that, (not from zango) so please learn to read, it only takes 5 minutes. Also i am glad you are getting rid of Zango links they are annoying, and illeagal in the state of alaska, for you alaskans you have it.
| 11:26 EDT, 31 May, 2008
Just install adblock plus it's a mozila addon and filter zango problem solved. Watch a youtube tutorial if u want to get really into adblock.if u filter zango u can bypass it and watch video anyway =p
| 03:17 EDT, 31 May, 2008
Thank god it was about time...that zango thing really fucked up my computer i had to pay a lot of money to get it fixed...so go head that thing is really harmful
| 01:13 EDT, 31 May, 2008
Probably you guys should compiled a list of zango sites and email to the admin at spamsucks@sidereel.com
| 22:47 EDT, 30 May, 2008
I think it would be fine if it was a single post that sends you to zango, but in many many tv listings there are multiple links to zango...I have tried pressing cancel and it never works for me
| 20:55 EDT, 30 May, 2008
I don't know what zango is, but when I see the popup I just click 'no' 'cancel' or whatever implies I'm not installing it, the popup closes and I go on to my movie.I'm not sure people realize it's OPTIONAL.
| 17:12 EDT, 30 May, 2008
Thank You Moonlight!
| 16:46 EDT, 30 May, 2008
YEA!!! YIPPIE Death to zango!!!!!!
| 14:00 EDT, 30 May, 2008
Agree. That fucking site makes me fucking insain. Moderators should put ip ban on the people that puts them up frequently. Like Zango dont offer any better quality, faster download speed or anything else that is worth having the malware in your computer.. its all bullshit. Just some lowlife looser that puts that shit up so he can make money irl for doing nothing. Makes me sick.
| 06:17 EDT, 30 May, 2008
I really don't think that deleting their links is the solution for this problem. There is a way around it.. we can actually use those links just by blocking zango.com in the browser. It blocks out the zango content, and views the vidoes. If you don't know how to do this, another easier way is to.. do a google search for, "blocking unwanted parasites". Follow the first result, and go from there. (this also blocks most, if not all known advertising sites) I hope that.. there was a way for those links to be brought back. I mean, i never installed zango but I was still able to watch it, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. Removing zango affiliated links because "it pissed you off" is pretty stupid. Should've at least tried taking a vote for it before deciding, by yourself, for thousands of people. What the hell happened to democracy?
| 03:28 EDT, 30 May, 2008
Thanks for deleting Zangos.
| 00:21 EDT, 30 May, 2008
Yes I agree. Majority of sites have that sh@t. You can give try movise-online or tvloser.com. Loser don't have any baners, popups... nice for a change...
| 00:04 EDT, 30 May, 2008
I've never installed Zango, but it gets annoying when I go to watch an episode and it comes up! Thanks for the work.
| 21:33 EDT, 29 May, 2008
Thank you. Zango is malware, end of story.
| 20:44 EDT, 29 May, 2008
im actively deleting zango but watch out for something that makes you install firefox 3, i have done this seperatley and it works but the links will not just causes your internet to crash had to resort to internet explorer for a bit, dont click on link delete when found spread the news
| 20:29 EDT, 29 May, 2008
Quite right too. Carry on and delete those links IMHO.
| 19:53 EDT, 29 May, 2008
***THANK YOU!*** That was driving me crazy.. none of those worked for me. Jes
| 12:45 EDT, 23 May, 2008
I use Firefox with noscript and i have no idea what you guys are talking about. I've never ever seen anything called "zango" trying to install itself or asking me to install it? Are you all using Internet Explorer or what?
| 10:08 EDT, 23 May, 2008
you've inspired me to delete them as well!
| 09:57 EDT, 23 May, 2008
thank you! I hate them Zango sites! Ill delete too!
| 06:28 EDT, 23 May, 2008
i have emailed the site people and they are actively working on solving this problem so hopefully it wont be a problem for long. I can never get these links to work, no matter how many times you load it , it wants you to load it again, and when you do it doesnt give you the link anyway. when you click no it doesnt give you the link.
| 04:41 EDT, 23 May, 2008
Thank you! I'm glad this has so many votes. Zango is such crap. It's malware, very very harmful to your computer! If this site wants to remain reputable then it should ban all links leading to Zango (there are other crap sites as well). Veoh is fine, just don't install the plug-ins. It will interfere with your Firefox. NinjaVideo is also awesome. Fabulous quality, quick loading time, just amazing.
| 10:33 EDT, 18 May, 2008
ZANGO is malware, plain and simple. If you want to avoid it popping up in your browser, Install "noscript" in your firefox browser and make sure you are never bothered with it again.
| 09:48 EDT, 18 May, 2008
Hey! I have veoh, mozilla, firefox, and I Certainly need no more to cram my pc with anymore programs that do just about the same as any others, but I sometimes still do need firefox as normal IE won't handle certain shows face it we stuck ay!
| 19:28 EDT, 17 May, 2008
thanx for getting on that. i am kinda getting tired of it.
| 19:11 EDT, 17 May, 2008
The Zango links don't work for me, i click no but then the vid doesn't start up. I'd prefer getting rid of them, i think we can do with the other links.
| 17:08 EDT, 17 May, 2008
The best ones ive usual found to view are: Veoh, breaktimetv, videotastic, tvjunk.net The ok ones are yoku and todou and 56 but they have long load times. Zango and vids.tv i don't touch. Although i might try the clicking on no for zango but i will only use this zango if all the other legitimate links fail. Another thing i've noticed is someone keeps posting stage6.com vids. To my knowledge stage6.com closed down a while back. So somehow someone is uploading videos onto a site that doesn;t exist anymore. Crazy!!
| 16:26 EDT, 17 May, 2008
^^ Zango is a partner of certain sites that just simply embed videos from sites like youku, 56, etc.. So you can't say that "zango links" are great.... And veoh doesn't require you to install a huge file, plus their links actually are usually good quality...
| 07:51 EDT, 17 May, 2008
I'd really prefer you don't delete them (and I'm sure I'm not the only one), they are often great quality, speed, and appear completely safe. Zango is a lot better than links which lead to more links or links (like Veoh) which require you to install a huge file when they clearly have the capacity to stream 5 minute previews in good quality. (--- THINK BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD VEOH GUYS ---). Also I've been looking to disable the notifications I get of people posting spoilers of new episodes.. can anyone help me out?
| 00:58 EDT, 17 May, 2008
Same (4 Midnightbabe) it just goes on to the video after saying "Are you sure?" So don't delete them!!!
| 19:10 EDT, 16 May, 2008
Yeah somtimes. The zango shit isnt all that bad. Personally i think the worst links going up right now are for Vids.tv or Vids.com i cant remember which. Its basically a link to another web site just like sidereel. Links to episodes are supposed to be just that, an actual link to an episode not just a link to another website, and half the time the website doesn't even have any links, actually more than half the time. All it has is a link to a site where you have to pay a membership to get in, its free advertising and its completely against the spirit of sidereel. So beginning today, i am going to delete all Vids.tv/Vids.com links.
| 00:16 EDT, 07 May, 2008
just click no... sometimes, actually from my experience almost all the time the videos still work and you don't have to install it.

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