The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Review “Resident Evil”

On the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” things took a turn for the rom-com, in “Resident Evil,” which may have well been called “When Elena Met Stefan” or “What Vampires Want” or “Think Like a (Hu)Man” or something like that. (Submit your own alternate-vampire rom-com titles below!) Directed with a surprisingly sure hand by Stefan himself, Paul Wesley, making his debut in that capacity, this was a complex episode that set the stage for the next big bad, Markos.

Armed with seemingly the majority of Mystic Falls at his disposal, courtesy of the Travelers full-on possess-a-thon, that Markos certainly knows how to make a first impression. After escaping from limbo-land, where things are decidedly not well- hey there, Vicki & Kol!- Markos wasted no time in gathering his Traveler forces together, with the intent of breaking the curse that has kept them from congregating en masse in the first place, which we owe to the whole Silas affair. It’s also what led to the rift between the witches and the Travelers in the first place.



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