Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “Back in the Saddle Again”

I talked last week about the relief in Hart of Dixie seeming to wise up and start getting the right couples together in time for the season (quite possibly series) finale. This episode, ‘Back in the Saddle Again’, proved that this does indeed seem to be the writers’ endgame plan but, also, that we’re still going to be taking our sweet, sweet time getting there.

There wasn’t much progress on the romance front this week, then, but there was lots of female bonding time with Zoe, Lemon and AnnaBeth all going to each other for advice. One thing that Hart of Dixie has struggled with since the beginning is finding Zoe a female friend to even out the early dynamic of her, Lavon and Wade hanging out in the kitchen (those were the days) and, just in time, the eternal rift between Zoe and Lemon might have finally been mended.




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