Hart of Dixie 3.17 Review: “A Good Run of Bad Luck”

We’ve seen lots of breakups on Hart of Dixie this season so far.  One couldn’t have happened fast enough (George and Lynly), another was devastating even to viewers (Lavon and Annabeth), and the latest (Zoe and Joel) is complicated to say the least.  When Joel was introduced as a serious boyfriend for Zoe this year, we were all so fast to hate him because Zoe belongs with Wade, right?  The writers did a fantastic job with making Joel an all-around lovable guy and now even I am surprised to admit that I’m sad to see him gone.
Convinced that she’s cursed, Zoe ropes Lavon into a crazy scheme to get George and Lemon back together after she visits a psychic who tells her that her bad luck dates back to a wedding that didn’t go through because the groom left the bride at the altar.  Because of Lavon’s affair with Lemon and Zoe’s flirtation with George back in season 1, Zoe believes that all 4 of them have been cursed in love ever since then.  As you’d expect, hilarity ensues as Zoe goes so far as to send them both flowers and a dinner invitation from the other.
George and Lemon had been avoiding each other after they woke up in bed together, but they eventually catch on to Zoe’s plan to reunite them.  They both agree that their one night together, as memorable as it was, was actually a mistake.  At least it seems Lemon feels that way, but George might not be so quick to forget about Lemon just yet.
After her failure to correct the universe in the hopes of turning her own bad luck around, Zoe finally comes to a disturbing revelation that she’s the only one to blame for her and Joel’s breakup.  She’s finally honest with herself and shares a heart to heart with Lavon.  At least these 2 have each other to commiserate over their recent heartbreaks.  Read More...



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