Archer 5.12 Review: “Filibuster”

Three in-show weeks later, Archer returns to San Marcos with its characters in wildly different circumstances from the last time we saw them. In retrospect, the “Palace Intrigue” two-parter seems fairly unnecessary given how little it separates itself from the season as a whole. The transitions both into it and out of it aren’t totally seamless, and the time gaps help to try to make it its own kind of unit, but the stakes are at the same level in “Filibuster,” if not higher. That said, it serves a great platform for this episode, which begins by shaking up the power relations. Archer, Calderon and Juliana are imprisoned by the new president, Cyril. Last week was a great episode for Cyril, who got to stand up for himself in one of those rare moments of autonomy. But “Filibuster” takes that idea to its extreme, substituting him as the dictator and letting him make decisions the old Cyril wouldn’t. Some of those decisions work slightly better for him than others; he does “marry” Juliana but his commands to stop the launching of a missile fall to deaf ears. But even if this is the only time we see Cyril in this kind of power position, it gives the episode much of its charm and structure.



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