Community 5.13 Review: “Basic Sandwich”

You’ll have to forgive me. I’m a little short of words after watching another one of my favorite shows end for the season. I’ve lost too many of my favorites this past year (PsychBreaking BadHow I Met Your Mother) to even consider the possibility of losing another. However, as you recall, I wrote a (hopefully) compelling argument for the renewal of Community a few weeks ago, which you can find here. SO, if anyone knows any NBC executives, pass it along will you? I know of several (million) people who’d be grateful if you did. SAVE GREENDALE!!

*steps off soapbox*

Fat Dog for tonight’s episode! As you’ll recall, last week left us with a dancing Dean, Abed, and Annie who may have found a buried treasure map whose contents may lead to officially saving Greendale. As we begin, Hickey and Shirley have retrieved Greendale’s blueprints from City Hall and they study the map in relation to the blueprints. They find something (duh) and after a brief discussion about Duncan’s private areas and Abed thinking The Goonies‘ plot doesn’t flow logically (WHAT?! BLASPHEMY), they set forth to uncover Greendale’s treasure.



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