Warehouse 13 Season 5 Interview: Saul Rubinek and Aaron Ashmore Discuss the Final Episodes and More

Two of Warehouse 13‘s most beloved actors (and characters) Saul Rubinek (Artie) and Aaron Ashmore (Steve) recently took part in a conference call to discuss the series’ fifth and final season. TV Equals joined in the call where Rubinek and Ashmore discussed the changes all of the characters have gone through, what fans can expect in the final run of episodes and much more. Read on for the highlights of the interview below.

Why “Savage Seduction” Was So Much Fun

Everyone from fellow stars Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly to critics are raving about the soon to air telenovela episode “Savage Seduction.” Rubinek and Ashmore had their share to say about the comedic episode as well. While their characters do not spend much time together onscreen during the hour, the episode gave them both a chance to channel new sides of Artie and Steve.




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