Wolverine and the X-Men - Variety Review

Premieres on Nicktoons Friday 1/23 at 8pm

Clearly mindful of the X-Men movie trilogy as well as the upcoming Wolverine solo feature, Nicktoons' animated series based on the popular comicbook puts the clawed hero front and center while creating a serialized story arc around the "mutants as persecuted outcasts" theme. Comics fans will appreciate the serious tone, and kids will enjoy the plentiful action; still, the program pales next to the Saturday-morning version that Fox carried in the early 1990s, with uneven animation and a messy narrative that could use a bit of Wolverine-style slicing and dicing.

The two-part premiere assumes considerable X-knowledge, beginning a year after the X-Men have broken up, following an explosion at Professor Xavier's institute for mutant youngsters. Wolverine must start reassembling the old angst-ridden gang - including the erudite Beast - when the Mutant Response Division rears its shadowy head, incarcerating mutants as well as those that might sympathize with them.

Adding to the confusion are several characters with divided loyalties, among them Rogue, who throws in with the evil Brotherhood of mutants; and the winged Angel, whose father is in league with an opportunistic senator determined to cash in on mutant-phobic hysteria.

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