Hart of Dixie Review: Ballroom Blitz

For those who were hoping for a "Bluebell Does Broadway" episode, well, you sort of got your wish.

However, Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 19 wasn't all tap shoes and harmonizing. Some major drama went down as well.

This episode was titled "A Better Man," but it should've just been called "Between a Rock and a Hard Place." It seemed like people were getting put in the middle of uncomfortable situations all over Bluebell!

Though Tom Long had a dramatic meltdown that left him unable to perform for his very hormonal wife, I'd say that Zoe got the worst of it. Lest we forget that Zoe is still handling a breakup, she was put in the very awkward position of mediating the relationship drama between her ex and her cousin.

The right thing to do would have been to say no. But Zoe is Zoe and she is drawn to drama. Of course, she was going to repeat back to Wade whatever Vivian told her.

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