Seeing more of them, I wonder, was/will there a spin off series based on it? I'm not saying I'm for or against it... I mean, it could turn out bad or good, depending on how they make it. Your thoughts?


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May 17, 2009 5:12PM EDT

No I doubt if you'll see a UNIT spin off they've been part of D.W. since the 60's and the Doctors 2nd regeneration seen a lot of them during the 3rd Doctors seasons. Besides that would probably be an overdose of of D.W. for the BBC with Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures already being aired. If you tune into the season final of The Sarah Jane Adventures you get to see Brigadier Leftbridge Stewart from way back in the original series, I would not be surprised if he turns up on one of the newer episodes soon as well. After all he's been involved in Doctor Who longer than any of the Doctors themselves.

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