Glee Season 5 Review “The Back-Up Plan”

Not all Glee episodes can be showstoppers. We know that, and would honestly be exhausted if every episode from now until the season six finale was all about our beloved cast achieving their dreams. We need the quiet moments, the existential dilemmas, the bad decisions and the heartbreak. With all of its problems and all of its ambition, it might actually be better to look at Glee’s tumultuous fifth season as a collection of mini-seasons, one starting with ‘New New York’ and ending with last week’s ‘Opening Night’ and, now, yet another little adventure beginning with ‘The Back-Up Plan’.

Because the episode was full of set-up for future, and somewhat distressingly went back on the happy ending Rachel seemingly achieved for herself last week. Now, without the comfort of McKinley alum, Mr. Schue’s approval and the fresh excitement of a Broadway role, Rachel has itchy feet and, like all “ambitious, irresponsible” children, she wants more. Rachel has always been a fascinating character not particularly because of her talent or, as took over for a while, her relationship with Finn, but because of her sheer, unadulterated ambition. Her decision to quit NYADA and audition for this TV pilot tie into that beautifully.



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