Parks and Recreation’s Next Season Will ‘Fairly Likely’ Be Its Last


Last night's Parks & Rec, guys, right? What? Is? Up? Luckily, Entertainment Weekly has a wonderful interview with showrunner Mike Schur where he sorts everything out. Schur says that after a meeting with NBC where they "were given really every assurance" that they'd get another season, they decided that instead of leaving things open-ended, they wanted to "throw a crazy wrench into the works." The goal was to figure out a way for Leslie to take the job and stay in Pawnee. But why jump three years? "We talked about: Is it five years? Is it 10 years?" Schur explains. "It seemed like enough time to be for really radical change without everybody having gray hair." (Fun side note about future hair: It was Amy Poehler's idea that Leslie should have bangs!)  Read More...


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