Revolution Season 2 Review “$#!& Happens”

Revolution returned for its final stretch of episodes this season with a heavily character-drive affair. While there was no real movement on the overarching plotline, this was an important episode for reestablishing where the characters are at going into the season’s end.

Miles served as the main focus this week, so it seems appropriate to start with him. At times, such as the opening fight scene, Miles has a tendency to seem a bit too strong and impervious. Sure, he almost lost his arm earlier this season, but when they managed to save it, he seemed safe from any real harm. While I never thought he would actually die this week, it was still good to see him in such a vulnerable position where nothing he tried could get him out of it. Granted, it was his most suicidal MacGyver-style plan that allowed him to get free, but it was still good to see him so weak.



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