Archer 5.13 Review: “Archer Vice: Arrivals/Departures”

Now that Archer Vice has finished, I wonder how television history will treat it. It might be harder to recognize the quality of something as it is airing. Looking at another FX series, most people would tell you that the second season of Justified is unequivocally its best. But I think as the years pass, the gap between that and its fourth season is going to see a significant decrease. By that token, Archer Vice should only age well in the pantheon of Archer seasons. Right now, I wouldn’t call it better than the legendary third season, which made the right move by sandwiching some great individual episodes between two multi-episode arcs to open and close the season. Yet, the serialization of these thirteen episodes makes this year unique in this history of Archer. It gives it more focus. On top of that, the season has a beginning, middle and end, and the end we get in “Arrivals/Departures” is nothing short of satisfying.



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