Revolution 2.19 Review

It has been nearly a month since Revolution last graced our screens. The previous episode was emotional one. We said farewell to Jason after being killed by none other than Charlie after being activated into a Patriot weapon.

The episode opens up with Charlie’s initial reaction to his death and the aftermath. If she was inexpressive before, she is even more so now. Monroe reminds her that she needs to snap out of it because once Neville discovers what she has done he is not going to be forgiving. Before she can respond to his words they realise they are being followed, the Texan rangers have caught up to them. Miles takes charge and tells the others to head back to camp whilst he leads them astray. Unfortunately, the carriage tumbles over and Miles has to take cover. He tries reasoning with the rangers, he wants to be a better man and he tries to be but that day is not today. He is forced to defend himself and does well, until he’s hit with a fatal looking sword wound.



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