Dancing With the Stars 18.08 Review: Abby Lee Miller & Dance Duels

On tonight’s episode of Dancing With the Stars, we have the Celebrity Dance Duels! While a person might think that the couples would dance with each other until the best one standing (or dancing) is left, that’s not the case. I’m going to figure that they also didn’t want to repeat the same events that they have done in certain past seasons as well. No, tonight they had two celebrities dancing together. Let me tell you. It was fun! More on that later.

Tonight, there was no theme which I somewhat enjoyed. They didn’t have to rock out to party anthems or salsa their way through Latin numbers. Tonight the couples chose the songs they wanted and put it all out there. However, they weren’t just under the watchful eye of Len Goodman, notorious for being Mr. Technical. They were also being judged by Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms. When I began watching the episode, I came into fearing the worst. I thought that she was going to be rude and ridicule my favorites and I wasn’t going to like her. Surprisingly, I was wrong.  I’m not her biggest fan but I can say that Dance Moms may make her out to be a little worse than she possibly is. She admitted that she was going to be critical but as I went through, I realized that it wasn’t a bad thing. I’m not saying I understood everything she said. She was using words that I’ve never even heard of before but as long as they made sense to the dancers and their partners then the expressions were okay by me!




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