Smallville - 8x5 - Committed

Well, Yeah, overall the episode was alright.. Building on the Clark and Lois relationship was a good thing to see.. But when they we're in the dungeon thing, I pretty much presumed that the watch/bracelet on his wrist was just a coincidence, an unfortunate one to say the least.. However, When Clark, um, blew (?) the door open, wouldn't Lois be a bit suspicious because after that aswell, Clark says "Lois" and Lois looks up to see him on the staircase, but then a second after Clark's right infront of her.. Wouldn't Lois be like.. "Um.. Okay, that was quick?" Also, after Clark knocked that guy out and busted open the pipes, his bruises and graze just magically disappear when his right infront of Lois.. Another thing about that I assumed Lois would've been thinking about is: How did Clark break the chains around his legs and arms..? And, Lois isn't one to stay quiet, but in the elevator, when they talk about she doesn't say anything.. On the bright side though, the moments right before Lois says "yes" are exhilarating.. But a serious "LOL" on when Clark braced when lois said yes but then stops and is like: "Uh.."

The Oliver and Tess parts throughout the episode really made the episode more boring.. Their chemistry on-screen is poor and I just can't see them as used to being a couple.. In my opinion I think they just threw them in their to make the episode last the 40 minutes.. But if it wasn't for the 3rd Episode - Toxic, None of us would've known what was happening.. And to add, at the last scene their in, I can just say, Tess Mercer is just a bitch.. But one more thing that got me thinking is that, Did Clark and Lois clear up what happened at the jewelry store with Oliver, because he could still be thinking their engaged and be like, "Where's my wedding invitation?"

Jimmy and Chloe are always fun to watch, but I agree with Lois with them.. They just don't look right for each other.. Well, that's my opinion anyway.. However they work well with each other on-screen and that always helps the audience deal with it aswell.. As time progresses I'll grow to liking them to see how it turns out in 8x10 - Bride, When Lana is set to return (Yay?) for the wedding I assume.

This episode was better than I expected it to be and it looks like Season 8 might not be as bad as a lot of people and I thought it would be.. Anyway, Can't wait for more episodes.




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Oct 20, 2008 8:37AM EDT

Good review.

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