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The Mindy Project Recap: The Apartment


“I’m no feminist, but I’ve printed out enough Jezebel articles to know that’s not cool.” Oh, Officer Charlie, you’re so perfect that I’ll even forgive that first clause. The sentiment is good enough.


Spurred at least partially by Charlie’s assertion that Mindy isn’t independent enough, she finds herself suddenly interested in buying an apartment. (Her relationship with Morgan doesn’t help dispel rumors of her dependence on men: “When you finish darning my jeans,” she calls to him, “can you get me a cup of tea with one ice cube in it?”) This makes for an interesting comment on Mindy’s male-heavy core cast as well. Remember when she had that female best friend played by Anna Camp? Feels like so long ago …

Speaking of jettisoned cast members, this week’s episode briefly found an excellent use for Jeremy, albeit only as background for someone else’s story line: Peter comes to a British-person party with our resident Anglo. He wants to meet smarter women because he’s tired, as he explains, of dating women who talk about nothing but their boring friends and made-up gluten allergies. At the party, he meets a woman who’s the only other American and is no less than a brain surgeon. No wonder she’s good at calling out random British-sounding names. (Tippi St. Clair! Raven of Wogfire!) Soon, they’re going out, Peter’s finding out that she also has a kid, and Peter’s on his way to some character development.  Read More...

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