Crazyyy Theory People

OK I've Predicted The Endings To T.V. Shows Before,But They Were Mostly Crappy Ones. So I've Been Pondering This For A While And I Think That One Of Sam's Friends (Ben) Is Going Too End Up Being God,Angel,Guardian Angel Etc When The Show Ends. Why? He Has No Last Name On The Show, While Everyone Else Does,He's Always Making These Long-Stretched Out Informative Quotes,Biblical References, And Just HAPPENED To Get "Hurt In The Nick Of Time" When Things Got To Hot In the Pilot Episode. So Yea That's My Theory,My Opinion? I Really Hope My Imagination Has Just Gotten Away From Me Again But If Not I'll Be Very Disappointed, Because The Show Has Been Exceptional So Far. If You Have Opinions On This Or W/E Email Me At Or Get At Me On Here I'm Always Looking At The Reaper Page For New Stuff.


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