Revenge Season 3 Review “Impetus”

As season three of Revenge begins to wrap up, we were about due for a major shake-up. With Pascal dead, Emily decided to throw subtlety and caution to the wind by kidnapping Charlotte in an attempt to force a confession out of Conrad.

As if to punctuate how unimportant a character Pascal was, only Victoria and Margaux were still in mourning over him as this episode began, an episode that takes place literally the next day. Even Victoria seems to have forgotten about him by the end, so that only his daughter is left to remember him as more or less a huge jerk. Admittedly, there was also a detective going around investigating the murder, but it was really just there to throw a wrench into Emily’s plan.

Now, let’s get to Emily’s plan, which had more than a few questionable parts to it. I can get behind the emotions she was feeling; Pascal’s death was another frustrating setback, so she was ready to go with a desperate play. However, there seemed to be a lot of hoping for the best with this one. As Conrad pointed out, any confession made with Charlotte threatened would be under duress, and Emily knew that; the real plan was for him to confess to an angry Charlotte.



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