'Revolution' Recap: Miles' Bad Day and the Guitar Pick of Redemption

After a three-week hiatus and an episode that had me touting season two's at least partial redemption with Jason's epic death, Revolution returned Wednesday night and immediately hit the ground running. It was almost as if they needed to make up for nearly a month without post-apocalyptic murder and mayhem, so right off the bat, Miles single-handedly takes out seven Texas rangers. And that's when things start to go bad for him.

The episode was called "S#!& Happens," but it really should have just been called "S#!&." That's probably overly harsh, but I can't pass up an opportunity to be clever, and outside of a moment here or there, not much really happened that affected the overall story. Maybe they need to stretch things out to cover the full arc of a 22-episode season, but most of what we just watched could be skipped without taking away from the overall experience. Read More...



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