The Tomorrow People Season 1 Finale Review “Son of Man”

This week’s episode of The Tomorrow People picked up pretty much right were the last one left off. Jed stole tomorrow people powers so he could go to Ultra and save Roger. By the time he got there, it was too late. So, Roger begged Jed to kill him so the machine could be stopped. Jed appeared very much conflicted and you could almost see his brain frantically trying to come with an alternative to killing Roger. Unfortunately, Roger and Jed couldn’t think of another way, so Jed reluctantly killed his brother. It appeared to be for naught though because the machine already had Roger’s power and it didn’t actually need him to continue running. After Roger died, Stephen decided to go get whatever the serum was that John took to make him able to kill because Stephen wanted to go after The Founder. Actually, I got the sense that Stephen wanted to die going after The Founder because it would be easier than living. At any rate, Stephen ultimately chose not to take the serum. He, Cara, John, Astrid, and Russell decided to take down The Founder and Ultra another way. In the end, good guys won; bad guys lost; and humanity lives to fight another day.



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