CSI Season 14 Review “Dead in His Tracks”

In the season finale of “CSI,” we got a tale that spanned some twenty-five years, in “Dead in His Tracks.” We started with a flashback to three kids- or was it four?- who stumble upon what, at first glance, appears to be the right place at the right time, but soon proves to be the wrong one. Gathering at a local hang-out, an old shack by the train tracks, they discover a man bleeding to death from a gunshot wound, with a bag filled with money and an odd statue. One wants to turn it over to the cops, another wants to keep it, tempers flare and the latter clocks the former with the statue. But did he kill the boy in question, or was there more to it?

Well, this is “CSI,” so of course there is. Flash-forward to the present and a man is found dead, also by gunshot wound, by the very same tracks, and this man just so happens to be one of the survivors of that fateful day long ago. As the stolen money or the statue were never recovered, locals are convinced it has something to do with it, including the sheriff, who might be corrupt. Also involved is a wanna-be forensic detective and former deputy Sam Bishop (Treat Williams), who’s been working on the case for all this time to an obsessive degree.




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