Game of Thrones Recap: Wargs and Weird Relations


“Perhaps that’s why she’s difficult.”


Cersei says this to Oberyn Martell as they go strolling through the gardens of King’s Landing. Oberyn is telling her about his “difficult” fifth daughter, who’s rather unfortunately named after his beloved dead sister — unfortunate, that is, because he can’t say the girl’s name without getting sad, and once he gets sad, he gets angry.

Cersei knows a thing or two about being a difficult girl, and also why things are difficult for girls. Later on in the scene, as Oberyn tells her that her daughter Myrcella is safe with his family in Dorne, where they “don’t hurt little girls,” Cersei retorts, “Everywhere in the world, they hurt little girls.” The line resonated throughout several scenes in the episode, from Sansa encountering her new protector/tormentor — her ferrety, paranoid Aunt Lysa — to the liberation of Craster’s women. The ship Cersei made for her daughter, gone now for a year and possibly forever, was a heartbreaking gesture. Ships have meant something special to the girls of King’s Landing; as we’ve seen with Sansa or Shae, a ship can be a symbol of hope and freedom. But this one seems unlikely to bear either, just a powerless mother’s love-come-lately.  Read More....


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