Orphan Black Season 2 Review “Governed As It Were By Chance”

Last night’s episode of Orphan Black was a moment of reckoning for Sarah. She’s has had a successful run so far dodging Diad and the Proletheans. But, her luck runs out when she snoops around Rachel’s apartment and runs into Daniel. After being briefly tortured, she is saved by the least likely person – her twin sister.

It’s a tough episode for Sarah. She’s coming to grips with the fact that Mrs. S knows a lot more than she’s disclosed about Sarah’s origin. That means that Mrs. S has been lying to her for a long time. She also has to face Helena – who she thought she’d killed. The fear on Sarah’s face when Helena shows up is fantastic. Helena looks like something out of an 80s horror movie. Sarah is convinced that Helena is going to kill her. Helena, though, wants Sarah’s help and doesn’t want to kill her. It’s a surprisingly touching moment when she holds on to Sarah and Sarah seems to collapse against her. This looks like the beginning of an actual sister relationship between the two.




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