The Middle 5.21 Review: “Office Hours”

This was probably the closest we’ll get to a Mother’s Day episode on The Middle this year, but it was a good one.  In years past we saw Mike and the kids scramble to find the perfect gift for her, but this spotlighted a different side of motherhood.  Frankie adopts a zen attitude about life, and if only for a few days, she gets the stress relief she desperately craves.

Frankie’s brain is so frazzled by the neverending demands of her family that she completely forgot where she parked her car at work and assumes it must’ve been stolen.  Mike even filed a police report before someone alerted her that it wasn’t stolen, just parked in the back of the building.  I always love when the rest of the Hecks pick on Frankie because moms really are the easiest target.  They’re usually so stressed that they don’t lighten up and see the humor sometimes.  Frankie’s blaming her forgetfulness on her husband and kids so she establishes office hours to be the only time they can unleash complaints/questions/demands on her.




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