The Big Bang Theory 7.23 Review: “The Gorilla Dissolution”

Goodness, do I feel like a putz. My past few reviews I have been counting how many episodes are left. I have been wrong and I apologize. Now, on with this week’s review of The Big Bang Theory.

Haven’t we all seen this before…2 people struggling to carry something up the stairs while a 3rd stand there thinking they are helping by giving encouraging words? While Howard at first looks like he appreciates the spirit lifting words from Bernadette, he would much more appreciate if she would help in lifting the box. This scene reminded me of the time Sheldon and Leonard were trying to get the boxed furniture up the stairs for Penny and after getting the box up some of the stairs, they both let go and the box slid back down. This scene though, the box ended up landing on and hurting Howard’s mother.




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