Criminal Minds 9.24 Review: “Demons”

It’s finally here: the part 2 conclusion this season’s finale of Criminal Minds. Last night’s heart-wrenching, emotionally driven episode was quite the ride, picking up where it left off from last week’s “Angels” episode, complete with the diner showdown with the preacher and the authorities, including the BAU. Morgan and Reid get shot and things don’t look too good for Reid. The most notable detail in all of this was when Blake was with Reid, trying to keep him conscious – she called him “Ethan” in the process. (We’ll get to that in a moment.)

A lot of secrets were revealed in this intense roller coaster of an episode. First, it comes to light that sheriff deputy Owen McGregor is the unsub and it seems that most everyone in the force knows of his ways. He even has a nurse meddle and attempted to kill Reid using drugs. There’s also the fact that Dinah, the bar owner and manager of the prostitution ring, is in cahoots with Owen, only because he would most likely harm her young son, who lives with her mother. Rossi confides in Blake, telling her his backstory in a tale about his best day that was also his worst day ever, showing the impact of their jobs on their social lives. Speaking of Blake, at the end of the episode, Reid asks her about who “Ethan ” is and she comes clean about her son who passed away at the end of 11, due to an illness. You could really see her mentally check out from being on the team at that point.




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