SONS OF ANARCHY (FX) ''Caregiver'' Review Season 3, Episode 3

SONS OF ANARCHY's third episode of season 3 is Caregiver, an episode that doesn't forward the plot as much as the previous two and has some irksome flaws, but definitely brings the humor. This is also the episode that features an appearance by none other than famed author Stephen King, but more on that later.

The caregiver in question is Amelia, the nurse for Nate, Gemma's father. After last week's events, Gemma has her locked up in the basement. It's a bad plan that just gets worse when Nate goes missing and Amelia won't help them to find him. Tara takes pity on her and tries to give her a little relief, but it backfires when Amelia knocks Tara out and tries to escape. She then threatens Gemma with a knife, which is always a bad move, and ends up stabbed. It's an accident, but yet again the Teller-Morrow list of oh crapmoments gets longer by the week.

Back home, SAMCRO hits up the Grim Bastards MC in Lodi for information on the Mayan's drug operation. The GB will look into it in exchange for guns - which SAMCRO don't have. But they work out a deal which leaves SAMCRO turning to the Chinese for arms. While the chinese have the goods, they're asking for a particularly high price. Yet another deal is worked out, this one involving SAMCRO lending out porn stars from Caracara.

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