Reign Review: We Can Make It If We Run

Love - romantic, familial, and otherwise - was certainly a battlefield on Reign Season 1 Episode 21; why, it even had a body count!.

But as much as I enjoyed Lola's sudden transformation from passive victim into Lady Macbeth, the real star of this show was the man who never showed his face.

Yes, kids, we are back on the trail of the Darkness! Glad to know Bash didn't just forget about it after he started getting laid.

So who is the Darkness? Well, we know from Pascal that he has pointy teeth, and he murdered Pascal's parents...except we now know that Bash murdered Pascal's father. I don't know, I wouldn't call Bash's teeth "pointy," exactly...geez, you're pretty judgmental for a 10-year-old covered in blood, Pascal!

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