Grimm Review: Remembering the Past

It seems like just a few seasons ago Adalind came around to wreck some havoc on Juliette. 

Imagine my complete lack of surprise then when she came breaking into their home to steal a few things of Juliette's things on Grimm Season 3 Episode 21.

Just about all of us saw this coming the minute Adalind did her breaking and entering. If there's some screwing over to be done, Adalind is right there, ready and waiting to do it to Juliette.

No matter the predictability, however, Adalind continued to be conniving and smart. She knows Renard is lying through his teeth about Diana, and the best way to get information is to go to the man who is really calling the shots: Nick. 

By doppelganging as Juliette, Adalind can find the information she craves and get back at everyone. 

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