Warehouse 13 Review: From Thirteen to Fourteen

One down and one to go, as Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 5 counted down to the series finale. 

This was a quick and succinct cap on the main storylines of the season. And, as much as some extra detail would be appreciated, with six episodes to wrap up, things will go quickly.

Alternate Valda quickly began putting his plans into motion....by outsourcing Warehouse 13 to China's Warehouse 14. It was very much the tried and true formula for Warehouse: the world is in grave danger, but there's still time for outsourcing jokes. 

Valda's plans for the new Warehouse were obscured by his mind control of Claire. It was a quick twist to bring the arc to a close and move on to the final chapter.

Pete's idea of transferring Claire's power to Valda, taking the fork from him and sending back to the alternative dimension was brilliant - but it brings about the idea that's touched on early: the quick and succinct path. 

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