Reign Season 1 Review “Slaughter of Innocence”

While the first half of Reign’s first season was very much what people expected – a soap opera that just happened to be focused on Mary Queen of Scots, her friends and her suitors but, despite the iffy synopsis, it became one of the best and most surprising debut shows of the year. After the business of who Mary was going to marry was over, however, things swiftly changed. Gone was the teen drama of pre-Christmas Reign and in came a dark, sometimes gritty, always ludicrous period drama about the trials of a capable young queen.

This season finale, ‘Slaughter of the Innocence’, then, feels like a capper to only this second run of episodes, with the naive young royal that arrived at French Court only hinted at in nostalgic whispers. Gone is the thought that Francis and Mary are some romantic endgame romance, as is the notion of any sort of love triangle, and we are instead dealing with the various impossible decisions they are having to make on a weekly basis. Mad King Henry has provided a compelling villain for them to fight against – at least more compelling that whatever or whoever the darkness turned out to be – but the resolution to that conflict here doesn’t really address the problems of Mary, her husband and her surviving ladies.



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