Excuse me now while I attempt to put what I just saw into words. I'm readily presuming that having to review Person of Interest's Season 3 finale, "Deus Ex Machina," while still reeling from its effects will be challenging. But I'll do my best.

So let me quasi-arbitrarily start at the end then. With the last portion of the episode set hauntingly to Radiohead's "Exit Music (For A Film)." The best use of a song on TV since, well, last fall when Person of Interest used "Hurt" to open "The Devil's Share." An ending that surprised us (after an epic episode that was already full of swerves and thwarted expectations) with the reveal that Root never intended to destroy Samaritan. And that her mission, at the behest of The Machine, was to poke a small hole in Samaritan (the actual number of servers stolen last week shown to be very important here) so that she, Harold, Reese, Shaw, and the three hackers could slip through the grand awakening with new identities.



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