'Bones' Quotes: The 43 Sweetest Things Booth Has Ever Said to Brennan

For nine years Special Agent Seeley Booth has graced our screens and melted our hearts with a plethora of subtle yet affectionate gestures, furtive glances, and tender sentiments reserved exclusively for the love of his life, Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan. In their journey from partners to friends to lovers and then to parents and finally spouses, these two have irritated, influenced, challenged, nurtured, cherished, and loved each other... and we?ve had the exquisite pleasure of witnessing it all. Critics warned that the magical Booth-Brennan allure would fade once they became lovers, and, though their intimate interactions have matured along with their relationship, that Booth-y eloquence and passion remains a staple of the Lightening-In-A-Bottle that is Bones.  Read More...



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