Warehouse 13 Season 5 Series Finale “Endless” Review

Bravo to Warehouse 13for giving us 5 seasons of campy, warm-hearted, science fiction adventure. Its run may have been too short, but as we know from Mrs. Frederic, the Warehouse is full of endless wonder that we one day may see again. To close this chapter, the show gave fans a well-crafted look back at past episodes, while giving us some new, emotionally satisfying gems.

The premise of the episode was that the Warehouse had started preparing for its eventual move to Warehouse 14. Part of that process involved the caretaker and agents downloading their memories into a Arthurian round table artifact. This table also let them look at moments from the Warehouse’s history, which was a clever way to bring in fan favorite HG Wells. Wells popped up in 1890s England, on the trail of Jack the Ripper. Obviously, the writers were cognizant of the desire of some fans for a Myka/HG relationship. This didn’t happen, but Myka did say that HG had left her boyfriend and was now with a woman.




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