I can't believe Brook Smith (Dr. Erica Hahn) is forced out!!!

I must admit I didn't really like her character when she first appeared, but as the series went on I started warming up to her. Her romance with Dr Torres was quite interesting but not that well written. (esp when Torres tells Hahn to drop her pants after asking Mark for a demo) But despite that, I feel sad that we will never see Dr Hahn again after tonight. It's so sudden. How do you guys feel about all this?




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Nov 6, 2008 5:17PM EST

I totally agree. I didn't care much for her when she first came on the show full-time because she seemed like they were painting her as this tough-as-nails because she has to be as a female professional kind of character, but I think her romance with Callie has really taken her character to new levels that are interesting and worthwhile to the development of the show.
It's unfortunate this plotline will be cut short, and I fear this will make Grey's fall more into the general shallowness it hits so often in character storylines when they've run out of interesting ways to take the characters.

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Nov 6, 2008 10:32PM EST

I don't much care for her character. I do however think that after the build they have given this story line that it is a real shame just to drop it in this way. Perhaps with better writing the story line may have worked out for them. I just real they played this a little heavy and thick.
I just think they could have done it better but I think Grey's doesn't always do things that well. I love it faults and all but sometimes it is so bloody abvious that when something happens you cringe a bit.Anyone else think this?
They have made us cringe at Callie and Hahn and now we are over that they need something else? Lexie sleeping with Mark Sloan then feeling yuck and guilty (I mock but this would actually be pretty entertaining!)

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