The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale Recap: Come Back to Me


My yoga teacher talks a lot about the unconscious versus conscious mind. Your unconscious mind is responsible for feelings and emotions; your conscious mind, for thoughts and rationale thinking. You need both, but the trick is not to let either one do all the heavy lifting? Like, you cant rely 100 percent on fact, because facts are often wrong, and life is more dynamic than that. You also can’t make every decision based on emotion, because then you would never leave your apartment. Why am I telling you all of this? Because just as you need both to get through life, you needed both to get through last night’s The Vampire Diaries season finale (and the ensuing summer). My conscious mind tells me that Ian Somerhalder will be back, that they cannot do a (contracted) season six without Damon, that the CW is not stupid. But my unconscious mind saw him and Bonnie go into the light, watched Elena sob and scream “don’t leave me,” and believes, really and truly, that he’s gone. And this, my friends, is the genius of TVD. A show so fearless it makes you fucking terrified. 




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