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I'm sorry I haven't posted any news lately but you know what they say better late then never. Though you can't call my reviews exactly news they are entertaining. At least to me. Besides what better way to lure you guys to read this then posting it as news. I mean you watch the show so you must love gossip. Well let me not keep from your lives any longer and just get to it. After watching the complete series re-run of The O.C. Gossip Girl seemed so innocent in comparison. Though the series never interested me much, since it's disappointing failure, I must say it made me feel something. The O.C. and it's drama has after all something to do with the reemerging of a great t.v. show such as Gossip Girl. A show we've grown to love as a child. Yes I tuned in to watch the season finale of Gossip Girl, yet I could not accept the facts it presented me with. Which is why it took me two days to get over it. The hook ups and the break ups were unbearable to watch even when expected. The 'I Do' happened just as I expected, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf make-out scene was entertaining, and Serena van der Woodsen's break up with Dan Humphrey was quite heartbreaking. What can I say the show touched me emotionally. I mean millions tuned in to watch it so it can't be just me. The reason I mention the O.C. is because if you watched the series completely every nigh it aired, when it still aired, then you should know that it's first two seasons were the best. After that the show started to suck not even including the unforgivable mistake of killing a main character in desperation. Not to worry I have no such concerns for Gossip Girl. Not any time soon at least. Besides the O.C. was sooo 2006. Yet it doesn't hurt to take a trip down memory lane. I mean we can't forget shows like these. They are simply historic, and who knows maybe Willa Holland will visit the set of Gossip Girl in the future. She did seem to be Gossip Girl material. Why let such talent go to waste. Though if the question is do I look forward to season two? My answer is definitely. I can't wait to see what Gossip Girl as cooked up for us. I hear it's gonna be quite spicy. Well enough food references can you say dinner is ready? Well were not there yet. At least not any time soon.


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Jun 11, 2008 2:49PM EDT

As you made me read your entire post which didn't include the tiniest little bit of news or gossip, I'm going to force you; to read this!
When I'm browsing for movies to watch I usually take a quick our trough the GG pages just to se if there is something new and today I a comment from someone called xlennieSend. She was winding about how much she hated Bart "I hate Bart. He totally did that on purpose." So now, ages after the season finale (which I rather forget to be honest, what happened to the quality in “All about my bother”????) I started to think.
Did he [Bart] or did he not do it on purpose? Chuck hadn't changes that much had he? And how come Bart would have noticed it? How well dose he know his son? Were he actually trying to ruin things between Chuck and Blair. And if so, why? Dose he have a reason for it? Is he and Eleanor Waldorf up to something? Ok, that was maybe taking it to far, but wouldn't Bart know better then to use words as "polite”, “modest” and “grown up”. What can i say...

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