Veep Season 3 Review “Debate”

Selina faced off against her rival candidates for the first time in “Debate,” this week’s episode of Veep. While the debate itself wasn’t the show at its strongest, there was still a lot of funny material from the rest of the cast to make for an enjoyable half hour.

Selina’s biggest change this week came in the form of a new haircut, one that led to a lot of “she looks like a boy” jokes. Not the highest class of humor, but there were a number of strong moments, made better by Selina’s obliviousness to the veiled insults being thrown her way. Selina’s funniest moments tend to come from either her obliviousness or from being caught on the spot, and we got both here, with her attempt to skirt around the “third R” of her platform appropriately awkward.



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