Supernatural Season 9 Finale Recap: Obsessed and Possessed


Only on Supernatural could a double-edged sword have teeth on one side. This show is nothing if not an exercise in when strengths are also weaknesses. Like, there was a point when Supernatural's predictable repetitions verged on maddening self-parody, but at this point, they feel almost comforting and cohesive? So Dean's a demon now. In the past, I would have been bummed at this non-shocker because we'd already seen a soulless Sam and hell-bound Dean, but somehow, this twist felt less like a tired retread and more like a poetic parallel: The season began with Sam kept alive through angel magic and ended with Dean kept alive with demon magic. Nine seasons in, Supernatural must know by now that we know all its tricks, so it was risky to end it with such a full-on embrace of its demonic roots. But the instant Dean's eyes popped open to reveal glossy black orbs, I got chills. Did you get chills? That's the mark of a show that's still got it, and this mark isn't a puffy red sigil that makes us wanna murder. Yet.  Read More...


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